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The new sale will run Feb. through July 2008!
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(...note some of my guitars shown do not yet have strap buttons. There are different types with different length screws. That is up to the buyer. Some fretboards have not yet been dressed. This will happen upon a sale, as some customers prefer squared or crowned fret-jobs. White powder on fret edges are cleaned after fret-dressing is completed. The fingerboard is also treated, sealed and buffed.)

Casta Blonde    $ 950.00 (H-H/S-H)  Sold

Ziggy Honduran    $ 1050.00 (H/S-H/S-H)      SOLD

Bolt Claro Walnut             $ 1850.00 (H/S-H/S-H/S) SOLD
Casta  Quilted Maple Banana       $ 950.00 (H/S-H/S-H/S) Sold
Wolf Tribute Custom  $ 2800.00 SOLD 
Eagle Imbuia          $ 1800.00 (H/S-H/S-H/S) SOLD
Tiger Tribute      $ 3500.00 SOLD
Bolt Bubinga          $ 1850.00 (H/S-H/S-H/S)    SOLD
Casta Purple Quilt  $ 950.00 (H/S-H/S-H/S)   Sold
Christa Spalted Maple      $ 850.00 (H-H/S-H)  Sold
Casta Claro Walnut            $ 950.00 (H/S-H/S) Sold 9-15-08
Casta Coffee Flamed  $ 950.00 (H/S-H/S-H/S)  Sold
Casta Imbuia    $ 900.00 (H-H/S-H) Sold
Bolt Tribute  $ 1850.00 SOLD
The Bone Brazilian Kingwood  $ 950.00   Sold
Hybrid Piezo           $ 650.00 (H/S-H/S-Piezo)   Sold