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Hand Made in U.S.A  (January 2016)
I currently have  Tigers,  Wolfs,  Bolts, and  Eagles near completion (click here).
(Note:  I am always in the process of fingerboard dressing, electronics, and final set up. Some of the fingerboards will be stained dark unless otherwise specified. The white smudges on the fingerboards is dried polish yet to be cleaned off).

Elixir Honey Tiger Maple $1850.00 (SOLD)

Elixir Claro Walnut $ 1850.00 (SOLD)
Casta Purpleheart  (SOLD)
Crista Bloodwood $ 1500.00 (held for auction)
Bolt Bubinga and Bolt cap (not shown)  (SOLD)
Casta Bubinga II  (SOLD)
Bolt Cocobolo III and Bolt cap (not shown)$ 1850.00 (SOLD)
Casta Maple Piezo  (SOLD)
Crista Lemonwood (SOLD)
Bolt Imbuia Pomelle and Bolt cap (not shown)  (Sold)
Casta Curly Maple Lemon Burst  (SOLD)
Bolt Cocobolo IV and Bolt cap (not shown) $ 1850.00 (SOLD)
Casta Boycote Lefty  (SOLD)
Casta Bloodwood III  (SOLD)
Casta Bloodwood  (SOLD)
Crista Maple Top   (SOLD)
Bolt Cocobolo and Bolt cap $ 1850.00 (SOLD)
Casta Bubinga I  (SOLD)
Ziggy Claro  $ 1800.00  (SOLD)
Elixir Yellow Flamed Maple $ 1850.00 AVAILABLE
Eagle Purple Heart and Bolt cap (not shown)  (Sold)
Bolt Cocobolo II and Bolt cap (not shown) $ 1850.00  (SOLD)
Wolf/Bolt Hybrid  (SOLD)
Ziggy Spalted Maple $ 1800.00  AVAILABLE
Eagle Lemonwood and Bolt cap (not shown)   (Sold)
Elixir Spalted Root Maple Top $1850.00 AVAILABLE
Crista Bloodwood  SOLD
Ziggy Zebrawood $ 1850.00   (SOLD)
Crista Bubinga  (SOLD)
Bolt Cocobolo and Bolt cap (not shown) $ 1850.00   (SOLD)
Casta Honey Curly Maple  (SOLD)
Casta Imbuia  (SOLD)
Casta Bloodwood II  (SOLD)
Casta Lemonwood  (SOLD)
Bolt Imbuia and Bolt cap (not shown) (SOLD)
Hybrid UFO Pearl White $ 600.00 (SOLD)
Hybrid UFO Pearl Candy Red (fine metallic) $ 600.00  (SOLD)