p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

Elixir (El 5/09)
A truly vintage feel and look with a glassy hand lacquered finish on hard spalted maple. Creme binding on brass speeders. Perfect balance. Strap buttons will be added upon sale. This is a completely handmade guitar.
Preferred placement back of butt end and tip of horn. Choice of sleek flat crown for fast leads or round crowned frets for general playing. Further customization is possible at an added cost (different pickups and or
middle dual rail coil taped)
Check the details to the right.

Please email me for any questions you might have at
phigausa@rgv.rr.com .

"Note: I have not dressed or cleaned the fingerboards, as the type of fret crowning is up to the customer"

* Neck: honduran mahogany, flamed maple, 
   bloodwood, spalted maple HS, brass

   cover plate,
2-way trussrod
* Body: poplar, bloodwood
   thru-speeder, hard spalted maple 
   book-matched top seperated by thin layer of

* Pickups: Tesla 10 ohm, 5.5, 6.5
  balanced humbuckers (coil tapped) for an
   even spread

* Electr: 1Tone, 1Vol., 5-way switch, 3x mini
   2-way switches for humb. to single coil,
   and bridge for LP
option, brass switch plate
* Bridge:Wikinson roller bridge,
hand-made brass tail piece
* 24 Fret: medium jumbo, on rosewood,
   graphtech/brass nut, brass side speeders

* Neck: set-in 25.25 scale, 4.25cm at nut, 5.6
12 Radius, med. "C" shape
* Inlays: alchemical symbols (my design)
* Tuners: sealed/black/locking
* Sound: mid/highs/rich
* Weight: 7.5 pounds

p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

Black knot in back of lower neck is naturally occurring.