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      Z  I  G   G  Y



The "Ziggy" was April 2004. It was based on a paper template I had drawn at the age of 16 when I was still living in West-Germany. My goal was to create a radical take-off on my three favorite mainstream designs. The Gibson Explorer, the Ibanez Iceman, and the Rickenbacker 4001. It finally emerged into the second most beautiful design on the planet.

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(Imbuia pomelle)     To make things even more interesting, it had to be a semi-hollow body that would sound like Brian May's guitar plugged in, and a louder acoustic tone unplugged.
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(Flamed Maple)     Thanks to Seymour Duncan's dual blade humbucker/5-wire pickups and a stratocaster configuration with a 5-way switch, 3 on/on mini-switches and Schaller's unbelievable top-mount/fully adjustable bridge, it all became a reality.
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(Sapele)    After all was said and done, I realized that an over-wide case was needed. I'm still working on that.
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Neck: Flamed Maple, Walnut, Poplar---Body: White Poplar Sandwich
    Bubinga top/Schaller locking bridge-tail/mop blocks/semi-hollow/Seymour Dual Rail humbuckers/locking tuners       
  Starting at $1000.00 12-16 week production-time
            "Ziggy" design copyright 2004 Phil. Gawen.  U.S. Copyright Office / Library of Congress