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The sound and feel of a Telecaster and Stratocaster combined into an "All Texas Wood Guitar".

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Born on August 24th, 2004, "The Bone" evolved from several outlandish drawings by Jon Douglas , a master aircraft mechanic and phenomenal guitarist at Southmost Aviation in Brownsville/Texas. I   borrowed three aspects and came up with a new design that worked for both of us. I'm in the process of producing four.
Neck:         Poplar, Mesquite, Spalted Maple (on headstock)
Body:            Poplar, Mesquite, Spalted Maple
Electronics:  3 balanced custom dual/split humbuckers, 5-way & 3 on/on   switches
Bridge:                Modif. w/rollers
Sound:                 Crystal clear
Starting at:             $ 1150.00  w/hard-shell case
12-16 week production-time

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bone 2 fr cl.gif (135216 bytes) This is the original "Bone"
completed with Jon Douglas,
for Jon Douglas.

"The Bone" design copyright 2004 Phil. Gawen.  U.S. Copyright Office / Library of Congress