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C   H  R  I  S  T  A



The Christa is a bold guitar meant for the "classy" hardrocker and mean rockabilly picking viper who perhaps drives a 57'  Chevy to boot. Based on some mainstream "conservative" designs, the Christa is elegant, thick-bodied, yet 1/2 the weight of a Les Paul Standard. The above featured custom-made guitar has a "Nogales" body with a quilted maple top.
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achristaHSback.gif (129995 bytes) The short headstock--like Smith's guitars, allows the sound to tighten with increased sustain. I like using sandwich construction in most of my necks which adds more stability and again, sustain.
Beauty and symmetry are also major factors. If a well constructed guitar looks bland, the inspiration it may have lent will inevitably remain short-lived. casta_head_front.gif (41978 bytes)
CHRISTABLUE.gif (132712 bytes) The Christa is not meant to have a tremolo. It is a string-thru-body guitar. The chevron is its anchor. A decorative chevron below a floating tremolo could make it loose its symmetry.

A beautiful 1/2" Ziricote top
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Starting at $ 950.00 Poplar Body--Figured Top, Sandwich Neck, 2 Golden Age Humbuckers,  1 Wilkinson Single Coil & Guitar Case.  Production-time 12-16 weeks.

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Starting at $ 950.00

"Christa" design copyright 2003 Phil. Gawen. U.S. Copyright Office / Library Of Congress