p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

This is one of my hand-made custom-stock solid through-neck body "Eagle Jerry Garcia Tribute guitars" (E7/09). It is constructed as most of my Bolts. You will not find a guitar this caliber below 3k anywhere. The Eagle was Stephen Cripe's new design built specifically for Jerry Garcia. Jerry died before it was completed. I combined both the designs for a whole new effect.
This one is set up like the T2. This guitar includes the three balanced custom wound humb./single coil setup--with three on/on switches.  It sounds and feels just right. The action is smooth, the  medium neck "C" neck  glides you into the 24th fret with total ease.
The figured hardwoods used are handpicked for tone and figure with no color or stain added to the body. I used a similar method of construction as the late Cripe except for the volute, which is hand carved. Cripe glued the entire headstock to the neck. Mine is one piece. This guitar is brand-new. It includes a new hardshell case. Check the details to the right. Email me with any questions.

Please let me know where you want the strap-button holes drilled on the horn. I can do it on top or behind the horn.

U.S. insured shipping is $ 50.00. Please contact me for international shipping rates.
* NeckMakore, walnut, cocobolo,
   hand carved volute, thru-neck,
   purpleheart back and lemonwood top
* Neck Dimensions: 25.2 scale, 4.3cm at nut,
   5.7 at end 12
radius, med neck-rounded (not fat)
   24 Fret:  jumbo/squared for extreme speed or rounded on 
wood, abalone dot inlays, graph-tech nut,
   brass truss cover over two-way adjustable trussrod

* Body: Purpleheart, makore core,
   book-matched flamed maple back, maple-puple heart
   sandwhich between body sides 

* Cap: purple heart, abalone
lightning bolt or skull
* Pickups:
Custom Tesla balanced,
   Bridge 10 oHm, middle 7, neck 10,
    hand-made brass PU ring

* Electr: 2 Tone, 1 Vol (up/down sw. opt.), 5-way switch,
    balanced parallel/single 3 x on/on switches
    optional LP bridge/neck combination on volume switch

* Bridge:  3-way adjustable Quick-lock roller bridge or
   optional LP wide bridge (set-in)

* Tail:  gld ferrules
* Ball valute at headstock for extreme comfort
* Tuners:  gld smooth

* Construction: Hippi sandwich
* Sound: Mids/highs/power
* Weight: Medium 8 pounds
* Sound: Incredible
Jerry's sound is found in the 2nd 5-way switch position combining single (bridge) and middle pickup. An optional
brass/graphtech pickup adds the bell-pop as I like to call it.

p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s