p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

This is one of my hand-made custom-stock solid through-neck body "Eagle" (E 5-09).Set up similar to Cripe's original Eagle and Bolts.
The figured hardwoods used are handpicked for tone and figure with no color or stain added. I used a similar method of construction as the late Cripe except for the volute, which is hand carved. Cripe glued the entire headstock to the neck. Mine is one piece. It includes a new hardshell case. Check the details to the right. Email me with any questions.

Lemonwood Bolt Cap included (not shown)

NOTE: I have not drilled the strap button holes, as some players prefer them to be at the end/edge of the body and others as the original on the horn end and butt. I will drill those upon purchase. I have not dressed the fingerboard. Again, this will be done after purchase as some players prefer flat or round crowning on the frets and a dark penetrating stain on the rosewood fingerboard.

U.S. insured shipping is $ 50.00 U.S. Please contact me for international shipping rates.

* Neckmakore, walnut, mahogany,
   hand carved volute, thru-neck,
   purpleheart back and lemon wood top
   purpleheart veneer sandwich
* Neck Dimensions: 25.2 scale, 4.3cm at nut,
   5.7 at end 12
radius, med "C"-rounded
   24 Fret: med. jumbo on rose-
   wood, graphtech nut and brass
   truss cover over two-way adjustable trussrod

* Body: Purpleheart back, makore core,
   maple, thin purpleheart, 1/2" book-matched-carved
   Lemonwood top purpleheart between body sides
   and thru-neck

* Cap: (not shown),
Lemonwood, abalone ring,
    mop lightning bolt

* Pickups:
custom similar to Super 2s,
   balanced, hand-made brass PU ring

* Electr: 2 Tone, 1 Vol (up/down sw.), 5-way switch,
    balanced coil tapped 3 x on/on switches
    added LP bridge/neck combination on volume switch

* Bridge:  3-way adjustable roller bridge set-in
* Tail:  thru-ferrules
  Ball valute at headstock for extreme comfort
* Inlays: abalone dots, black
   side-position markers, marquetry zipper below
    creme binding

* Tuners: Sealed/gold

* Construction: Hippi sandwich
* Sound: Warm/mids/highs
* Weight: Medium 8.5 pounds
* Sound: Strat/Lp in one

p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s

p     h      i     g      a              g     u     i     t     a     r     s