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J e r r y   G a r c i a   T r i b u t e    G u i t a r

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My Jerry Garcia Tribute to Steve Cripe....the limit of possibilities!!

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*Schaller Machine Heads
*7-Piece Thru-neck with full valute
*24-fret rosewood finger board
*Phiga cropcircle inlays
*Jumbo tall Dunlop 2000 frets
*Double Trussrod
*Figured mesquite top
*Chambered maple sandwich
*Figured Mesquite Backsides
*5-piece wood battery cover
*3-Alan Holdsworth pick-ups
*Korg synth driver/midi pick-up
*Schaller piezo accoustic bridge
*Schaller tail-piece with fine tuners
3 x single/series/parrallel
5-way switch
Boost switch
Effects loop
synth/midi up/down
Acoustic up/down pot w/boost
.....over 25 combinations!!!!!!!!!!!  $ 4000.00

Wiring assisted by Gary Brawer of San Francisco.
Check out the most "authentic" Jam Band on Earth HERE !!! Sean Alquist is playing my new addition to the Bolt line: The Eagle! It was the next design Steven Cripe was making for Jerry Garcia when Jerry died. Mother time rules!
Dozin.com: The best info on Jerry's and Bob's guitars!!!
     Hardtruckers.com : Speaker Cabs and other essential gear like effectsloop stereo cables!

For more Irwin style cripes with the original inlays, go to the "currently available" pages!
Joe Valles of the South-Texas Band "The Valles Brothers", asked me to build a Cripe version that went a step further than Jerry Garcia's dream-guitar. My philosophy is simple in this respect:"...nothing is impossible as long as it is not an exact replica!" Going "Texas" all the way, I selected anything exotic that grows here including a 3/16 highly figured mesquite top derived from a trunk that had been buried for at least 30 years. Thanks to Gary Brawer's supreme wiring abilities I was able to make Joe's dream come true. In Gary's own words "...this was the most difficult wiring I've ever done, cause it's never been done before!"
Resurrection would have charged 6-9k and rightly so (with Jerry's basic wiring --of course).
When Joe dies, he will be burried with it. Naturally, he will have to be burried in some secret place.
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Joe Valles  

Story: Currently jaming out

Below: Cocobolo Top/Mohagony Back/Poplar Sandwich/Neck: Fl. Maple/Walnut/Purple Heart  Cap: Walnut/Lacewood/Fiddleback Maple/Abalone  **NO STAIN
10 + 8.5 + 8 oHm PU / 3 x on/on Parallel/Single Coil , Vol--Tone--Tone / Chamber for future
upgrades (battery or other) I charge around $ 2000.00 for this type of set-up.
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Below: Imbuia Top/Purple Heart Back/Poplar Sandwich/Neck: Fl. Maple/Walnut/Purple Heart   Cap: Imbuia/Lacewood/Fiddleback Maple/Abalone  ** NO STAIN
6.5 + 7.2 + 8.2 oHm PU / 3 x on/on Parallel/Single Coil , Vol--Tone--Tone Chamber for future
upgrades (battery or other)
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Body: Brazilian Imbuia top, Poplar middle, Purpleheart back/Neck: Maple, Cherry, Purpleheart /24 fret jumbo / Rosewood fingerboard
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Sapele Top
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  The "Holy Four" 6 month project.