p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

This guitar is an attempt to join the powers of three famous guitars: the fat Strat, Strat  and Tele. It has a fat Virola body for an exeptional resonating tone. It is extremely light. The top is 1/2" book-matched  Brazilian Kingwood. The mini-humbucker pickups are custom-wound by Tesla to achieve a balanced spread of loudness.
They are switchable from humbucker to single coil for a classic strat or tele sound.

It is hand numbered (07-1) and hand-signed as are all my
I have built 27 custom versions.

A truly vintage feel and look with a glassy hand lacquered finish. Pick your type of strap buttons. The knob on the five-way will be black. Choice of sleek flat crown for leads or round crowned frets for general playing.
Check the details to the right.

Please email me for any questions you might have at
phigausa@rgv.rr.com .

* Neck: Fl. maple, congalvo, purpleheart ,
   kingwood headstock, brass truss
   cover plate

* Body: Fat Virola, mesquite
   thru-speeder, Brazilian kingwood
   book-matched top

* Pickups: Custom wound 10 ohm, 8.5, 7.5
   with hand-made aluminum braces

  balanced humbuckers for an even spread
* Electr: 1Tone, 1Vol., 5-way switch, 3x mini
   2-way switches for humb. to single coil,
   vol up/down switch to combine neck and
   bridge for LP sound

* Bridge: LP wide roller bridge,
   string thru-body chevron and ferrules in back

* 24 Fret: medium jumbo, on dark rosewood
* Neck: set-in 25.25 scale, 4.25cm at nut, 5.6
12 Radius, med. thickness
* Inlays: Crop circle (trademark)
* Tuners: sealed/chrome/locking 30:1
* Sound: mid/highs/rich
* Weight: 8.2 pounds


p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d