p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

This is a beautiful Imbuia Casta. It is light in weight and stays in perfect tune due to the slightly angled headstock and self-lubricating graphtech nut and locking tuners. It has three custom-wound balanced humbuckers for an even spread (oHm 12-10-8.5). Semi-gloss natural (no stain). The glassy finish emphasizes the Imbuia/book-matched top. All my guitars are hand signed at the headstock and hand-numbered/dated (Casta-07-6). It includes a hard-shell case. Type of strap buttons are optional. I don't apply those until the customer chooses which type. Check out the details to the right. Email me with any questions: phiga@rgv.rr.com
U.S. insured shipping is $ 50.00 U.S. Please contact me for international shipping.

(I accept checks and money-orders)
* Neck: Claro walnut/Flamed maple/
   bloodwood, headstock Imbuia,
   med. round neck

* Body: Imbuia book-matched/bloodwood/
    flamed maple speeders, peruvian walnut core,
    lightly quilted maple back with thin
    purpleheart speeder.

* Pickups: 2x balanced (12/8.5)
   Tesla humbuckers, Dual Rail (10)

* Electr: Tone, Vol., 5-way switch,
   middle single to humb.
   mini switch (HHH to HSH)

* Bridge: LP wide rollers, three way adj.
* Tail: hand-made brass

* 24 Fret:  jumbo on  
   dark rosewood, crop circle inlays (trade-
   mark) bl. side pos. markers, 4.3cm nut, 5.7cm

* Tuners: sealed/black 30:1/locking
* Construction: Solid
* Sound: warm/mid/highs & power
* Weight: light (7.5 pounds)
* Knobs: metal/chrome


p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d