p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

Hand-made (CA-B2-06) "Casta"model-- recently completed. It is a medium weight solid body ash rocker and stays in perfect tune due to the slightly angled headstock and self-lubricating graphtech nut. It sports three custom Tesla balanced humbuckers for an even spread (oHm 12-10-8.5) on a hand-made brass ring. Semi-gloss natural (no stain). The glassy finish emphasizes the lightly quilted/book-matched maple top which has the new contours not seen on previous Castas before 06. It also has my Bolt constructed neck. All my guitars are hand signed at the headstock and hand-numbered/dated. It includes a new hard-shell case. Check out the details to the right. Email me with any questions:

I will put the strap buttons behind the horn and behind the end-butt of the body. These will be drilled upon purchase.

U.S. insured shipping is $ 50.00. Please contact me for international shipping rates.
(I accept checks, money-orders and bank transfers---no credit cards)

* Neck: Flamed maple/walnut/poplar/
   purpleheart, headstock lightly quilted
   maple, LP round neck

* Body: Ash/imbuya/ash/imbuya, light
    quited maple top--book-matched with a
    hand-rubbed purple stain

* Pickups: 3x balanced (12/10/8.5)
   Tesla humbuckers, hand-made brass
   p.u. ring

* Electr: Tone, Vol.(up/down switch),
   5-way switch, 3 x mini-sw. for single to
   parallel, Vol/up for bridge/neck comb.

* Bridge: 3-way adjustable
   Quick-lock bridge, brass tail hand-made

* 24 Fret:  jumbo on  
   dark rosewood, crop circle inlays (trade-
   mark) blk side pos. markers, 4.3cm nut, 5.7cm
   end, creme binding

* Tuners: sealed/black 15:1/locking
* Construction: Solid
* Sound: Strat, LP & power
* Weight: 8 pounds
* Knobs: metal


p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d