p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

This is one of my unique hand-made custom stock solid body H1s (Hybrid 1) fat-neck. It has 1/2" softly quilted maple book-matched top, peruvian walnut/flamed maple/cocobolo speeders and a 2-piece Texas wild oak body.
It is hand numbered (05-H1-185) and hand signed as are all my guitars. It is new with no wear on the frets. It has a recessed passive piezo bridge and string-through ferrules for maximum resonance-- it stays in perfect tune due to the slightly angled headstock, locking tuners and graphtech nut. Humbucker to single-coil switching on both balanced pickups allows for 10 combinations. A truly vintage feel and look with a glossy hand-lacquered finish. Check the details to the right. The sale of this guitar will include a new custom case.
Email me with any questions:

I will put the strap buttons behind the horn and behind the end-butt of the body. These will be drilled upon purchase unless otherwise requested.

U.S. insured shipping is $ 50.00. Please contact me for international shipping rates.
(I accept checks, money-orders and bank transfers---no credit cards)


* Neck: maple, quilted headstock
* Body: Wild Oak , book matched 1/2"
   softly quilted maple top book-matched, Peruvian
   walnut, mesquite, maple speeders

* Pickups: 2x balanced Tesla 10 ohm,  8.5
 humbuckers for an even spread switchable
   from humbucker to single coil,
   piezo bridge fed into middle position for a
   realistic full bodied acoustic guitar tone

* Electr: 1Tone, 1Vol., 5-way switch, 2x mini-

* Bridge: Piezo LP wide string-through

* 22 Fret:  med. frets on  
   rosewood, crop circle inlays (trade-
   mark) blk side pos. markers, 4.2cm nut, 5.6cm
   end, 2-way trussrod, hand-made brass truss

* Tuners:
sealed gld 12:1

* Sound: warm/highs/rich
* Weight: medium 8.2 pounds


p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d