p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

Hand-made Ziggy model (07/1 completed in 2008). It has a Zebrawood book-matched top. The Virola body which highly resonant,  complements three balanced humbuckers for an increase in natural mid-tone. The pickups allow you to go from Rockabilly country to blues, jazz and heavy metal. The pickups allow you to go from rockabilly country to blues, jazz and rock. The triple-set-bridge is fully adjustable for string distance and height. It has rollers to eliminate tuning problems under the harshest performance conditions. Once set up to your liking, you can lock the whole thing in place to eliminate any vibrations (it will arrive with full set-up). It is the perfect performance guitar for any style. It is my favorite style so far.
The body design allows precision balance between neck and body for effortless playing. It is hand signed, as are all my guitars.
There is no stain - just a glossy Behlen lacquer finish that is easy to repair and does not affect the natural resonant tone of the woods. Check the details to the right. A hardshell case is included.

I usually put the strap buttons behind the horn and behind the end-butt of the body. I have not drilled the holes as some players prefer the to be at the end/edge of the body. I will place them to your liking after the guitar has been purchased.

U.S. insured shipping is $ 50.00 U.S. Please contact me for international shipping rates.
(I accept checks, money-orders and bank transfers---no credit cards)

* Neck: Honduran Mahogany/maple/
   bloodwood, 24 fret
medium gauge,
   on  rosewood, creme binding,
set-in 25 scale, 4.2cm
at nut--5.6cm at end,
   spalted headstock, 2-way adjustable trussrod,
   brass truss cover, 12 radius

* Body: Zebrawood/flamed maple/zebra speeders
on Virola body with bloodwood thru-speeder
* Pickups: H/HS/H balanced
* Electr: 1Tone, 1Vol.(up/down for neck/bridge
   combination like Les Paul), 5-way switch
   for standard strat switching,
   1x mini-sw. for single coil
   to humbucker (middle dual-rail)

* Bridge: 3-way adjustable
   Quick-lock bridge
with rollers
* Inlays: abalone dots
* Tuners: Black locking 30:1
* Sound: warm/mid-tone/high & rich
* Weight: light 7.5 pounds


        p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d

        p       h        i       g        a              h        y       b        r       i        d