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Phiga Hybrid (H1) solid or semi-hollow to hollow
22 Frets

The "Hybrid" is in my opinion the most beautiful guitar design on the planet.
Evolved from the infamous "Iceman", it embodies the hopes and dreams
of the true and fearless rocker whose lust for sensual curves goes
beyond the typical cliché. It was officially born on January 1st, 2001, a year
I always new I always felt something wonderful would happen

(aside from my second son "Ziggy" born 28 days later, against all odds).

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I'd been Iceman fan since
I first laid my eyes on the
first Paul Stanly series at
the age of 15. I always felt
there was a serious flaw in
the design. After building
over a 100 through-neck
natural wood iceman
copies, all the while trying
to find that "flaw", it came
to me in an sudden flash
shortly after New Year's
Eve 2000. Within three days I had a working prototype
and a design copyright
application in the mail.
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..."Crop Circle" Fingerboard?

I have been fascinated with "UFO lore" for a number of years, due to a vast number of unexplainable experiences. The arrangement of geometric lines and circles has a secret meaning for me. Most of  my guitars since late 2001 incorporate this design. Most, if not all crop circles are made by humans as was this one!
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All of my guitars, save the fretboard are hand-made I do not
use CNC machines. Every shape and contour is hand-carved, rasped and sanded or hand-routed.

build7.jpg (62964 bytes)The H1 chambered construction
allows more mid-tone to emerge. The result is a richer tone without the destinct "box" tone of a typical semi-hollow body sound.
abwalnuttrue.jpg (35598 bytes)
The first H1 I built was a semi-hollow prototype. The body is fully chambered and plays almost as loud as an acoustic guitar--unplugged (2"thick).This prototype is constructed with walnut and maple. I have made several with figured mesquite tops, poplar and Texas oak-backs and neck to keep them on the Texas map.
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Mesquite top, poplar neck, oak body, poplar speeder.
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Imbuia pomelle top, flamed maple and blood wood speeders.
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Wenge top, flamed maple and bloodwood speeders.
h1 pad fr .gif (79771 bytes)

Padouk top, poplar speeder.



All hybrids have 22 frets except for a few custom jobs. The reason is simple. Like a good formula, it looks and feels right. I like using medium frets on all H1s unless otherwise requested.

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Poplar body, 5 piece neck (flamed maple, chestnut, bloodwood).
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Mesquite top
 prop1_angel_2_copy.jpg (25911 bytes) h1 red back.gif (44039 bytes)
   Oak body, poplar neck                    
red2.jpg (111609 bytes) The difficult job of finalizing the fretboard is without doubt the most important part of making a good guitar. It is usually ignored in most overseas production. Nearing the "Zero Buzz" treshold and correcting the intonation toward perfection, is an art I learned painfully during my first two years of guitar making.
H1 Starting at $ 950.00

"Hybrid"design copyright © 2001 Phil. Gawen.  U.S. Copyright Office / Library of Congress