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Phiga Hybrid 2 Solid-Body Flamed Maple Top(1/4") or other, Paua Abalone
and Creme Binding Oak/Poplar
Back and Set Neck (Poplar,Oak,Maple or mixed) 22 Frets
-Starting at $ 1200.00--12-16 week production time.



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under construction!!
hyb 2 blue abal copy.gif (65152 bytes) The H2 1/4" figure top with creme and abalone binding is one of my more difficult models to make. I have created 10 sofar (all those pictures were lost in a computer crash). As I make more, I will post more pictures. I am currently making a custom version (thru-neck). Perhaps I will post some of those through-out its completion.
..'lost all pics of other models...so it is still under construction!
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