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Phiga Hybrid / Beveled Edge w/Binding Set Neck Optional Sunbursting
22 Frets
(Optional Hardwoods)

This is the most difficult one to make of this series. (shown) Texas kiln dried oak has a superior sustain and mid-to high range sound than any other wood I've worked with. I prefer to use sandwich construction to eliminate any future possibility of splitting, which is quite common in solid piece construction (mahogany & oak) over10 years or more of usage (examples shown are made from solid pieces). It takes a little longer, but the result is unique. Then there is the grain problem. The Oak surface requires several sanded layers of sealers to make the surface smooth plus 8-10 coats of fine-clear laquer. Sandwich construction allows me to build them with semi- or fully hollow chambers if requested. Several combinations of all hardwoods are possible (see below).

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Solid Maple one piece Body / Beveled edge w/binding set neck solid maple--sunbursting
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The edge is 3-tiered. I create the bevel with a cone shaped routing bit. Two other bits are used to channel the binding slots. I got the idea from Stephen Cripes original top hat he custom designed for Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead). The effect is beautiful giving the guitar a more 3-dimensional appearance.
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The floyd compilation. No locking nuts are needed (locking tuners suffice). The angle at the headstock keeps the strings almost parallel to the bridge. The special nuts with built in lubrication allow the strings to slide back and forth so that the guitars remain in tune. All guitars are fitted with standard hardware. Cost of any other hardware is priced over the counter.
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Example of  one pieceTexas Oak bodies in progress

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Two Piece Maple Body (sandwich) with set maple neck & Strat Config. Ththis  body is only 1 1/2 inches thick, making it light weight.

Starting at $ 1100.00


"Hybrid" design copyright 2001 Philipp H. Gawenda  U.S. Copyright Office / Library of Congress