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Phiga Hybrid "UFO"

Solid Color / Translucent



Mahogany Body-Maple Neck (light Weight) or
Poplar Neck and Body-Ultra Light or Oak / Rosewood Fingerboard
Medium Frets-Crop Circle Inlays-22Frets


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The Ultimate Hybrid  UFO

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Above is a through-neck cocobolo top example that sold as a custom valued at 2.2k.

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The UFO came to me after I accidentally ripped off a chunk of wood off a top edge of
a corner. In an effort to save the body (cursing furiously), I began contouring it until a
whole different style emerged (thanking god). This one of my more popular models and
is often ordered in metallic silver, gold, bronze and pearl white.
It is sleek, light-weight, set-neck and fits like a glove and starts at $ 950.00.
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                            White Lefty
with Schaller Tail
& Bridge

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"Hybrid" design copyright 2001 Phil. Gawen.  U.S. Copyright Office /
Library of Congress