$ 950.00 and up

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The Casta design was born in May of 2003 from a single aspect of a previous design named "Zeta".
The Zeta was a hybrid based on the "Iceman" and some of Cripe's "Lightning Bolt" features. The "Zeta" was short lived. I only made and sold one. I will revisit it again soon and perhaps evolve it into something more.
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Perhaps reminiscent of Cripe's work and something out of Jules Verne's "One Thousand Leagues Under The Sea", the "Casta" (named after Laeticia Casta) made its mark. Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) was the lucky owner of my first prototype.

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Basic Model: Armed with 3 balanced humbuckers, a  five-way switch, one volume-one tone control, a floating tremolo, locking tuners, a thick body and sandwich neck, it still weighs much less than a Les Paul. The slightly angled headstock allows full trmolo action without tuning problems (the graphtech self-lubricating nut helps too).

Starting at: $950.00
Production-time 9-12 weeks

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"Beyond Design"

casta joint close.gif (31903 bytes) bob_weir_casta.gif (69896 bytes)Bob Weir's
Guitar//Grateful Dead
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"Casta" design copyright 2003 Phil. Gawen.  U.S. Copyright Office / Library of Congress