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T   h  e     P  h  i  g  a     S  h  o  p

build6.jpg (147262 bytes) Solid UFO with 2 humbucker config.
for a set-neck version.
On the right are three Hybrid I bodies made ofoak and poplar, chambered
for increased mid-tone and less
hybnew5necks.jpg (397263 bytes) On the left a semi-completed
chambered Hybrid I with a 1/4"
paduk top and a maple speeder.

On the right are 7 poplar necks to
match the bodies interior wood.

I do not use CNC machines.

build2.jpg (324877 bytes) Poplar necks in the making.
build4.jpg (296886 bytes) Two Hybrid I bodies with figured/bookmatched mesquite
tops ready for contouring.
newhyb5raw3.jpg (362116 bytes) The first Casta model. This is the prototype I constructed in May of
2003. All contours are hand shaped.
It is set up for three screaming golden age humbuckers, vol./tone and a
5-way position switch and a standard/floating tremolo unit. The
slightly angled short headstock and self-lubricating string nut eliminates
any tuning problems. This model sold
to Bob Weir (Grateful Dead). I like working under the sun.