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T   h  e     P  h  i  g  a     S  h  o  p
newhyb5raw2.jpg (200432 bytes) The matching neck is a sandwhich
made of flamed maple and walnut.
Notice the body sandwhich. The
middle layer is mesquite.
newhyb5raw1.jpg (203215 bytes) A true sandwich you can't eat.
build5.jpg (256579 bytes) A maple UFO ready for final body-
contouring. All UFO's feature a
stop/tail/bridge unless a trem. is
Dsc00088.jpg (692731 bytes) Here is an all oak solid body Hybrid III
in the making. I have glued on the binding
for both side and just routed the neck
-joint cavity. Oak,in my opinion is the
most difficult wood to work with (next to
Dsc00001.jpg (43528 bytes) A thru-neck version in the making. This
flat-top was made for a recessed Floyd
Rose bridge.
Dcp_1676.jpg (613464 bytes) Evening out the necks surface for the
fretboard. I now use an open planer

This was the 2005 run minus 5 Tigers and 3


2005 run necks.
Wiring is an art in itself.