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Email me at:
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Custom Order and Contact Information

Hard-shell case with all guitars.
6-12 month construction time.
Optional Payment: 1/2 down--other half upon completion.
Pricing depends on the details (wood, hardware, electronics, etc.).
These are just examples. Any combination of wood and hardware
is possible.


Please email me with a detailed wish-list. I will e-mail you a fair estimate (English & German). Prices will vary depending on type of wood and parts selection and everything is negotiable except ebay auctions.  I ship world-wide!
My Custom-made-to-order guitars have a life-time warranty for the primary owner only.
All my guitars are built by me alone and none else.

All my Guitars (except "Bolt,Tiger,Wolf,Eagle" designs) have a design Copyright 2001-2004 Phil. Gawen.
 United States/Copyright Office