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T   h  e     P  h  i  g  a     S  h  o  p

Visit the old Gallery page to see more guitars from the original series from
the through-neck Iceman copies to the evolving Hybrid.
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T  h  e      P  h  i  g  a    S  h  o  p

My shop is located in beautiful Brownsville, located at the southern most tip of Texas. I started creating guitars in the summer of 2001 and have built over 200 since. I work solo with basic shop tools, which I have been upgrading every six months. I have day return policy upon
receipt of your guitar.
For electronic upgrades and famous mods a la Jerry, visit Dallek
on the "BOLT" link on the home page.

 neckraw.jpg (334904 bytes)

This is a raw neck - center
walnut sandwiched with two
flamed maple sides. 

workingneck1.jpg (458178 bytes) My bandsaw cuts the neck
contour. Afterward I use a table router to make the trussrod channel.
workingneck2.jpg (321852 bytes) I always use the most basic tools like a rasper to get the right neck shape. After that comes the fun part: "Sand until you drop!"                    
workingneck3.jpg (401481 bytes) Gluing on the headstock ears (front view)

workingneck4.jpg (465746 bytes)

(back view)

workingneck5.jpg (588115 bytes)

Gluing on a mesquite headstock  plate.
build1.jpg (275028 bytes) The raw body--sandwich construction. This will be an light-weight (poplar hardwood--a little heavier than basswood).