T  R  I  B  U  T  E      W O L F  &  T I G E R
(descriptions and prices are listed on bottom of page)

Curent Design

 older designs



Early Variations

These models are examples of various movements toward final models that represent the originals more accurately, but with a touch of "PHIGA". I no longer build the older variations. The new Tigers have the correct fingerboard end/shape }. You can still see examples on the "Currently Available" page. Prices may vary as to hardware, electronics and specifics for customizations.  I accept checks and PayPal. I take a name down and request payment upon completion. The guitars I build for general sale,
can be found under "Currently Available".  My prices haven't changed in 10 years!!!
The ultimate credit for these inspired designs go to Doug Irwin, a genius extraordinaire.

Tiger Tribute (Tiger style similar to top picture/Fingerboard end is now dead accurate - not shown)

1. ½” cocobolo, bloodwood/maple thru-binding, curly maple, 3/8” book-matched cocobolo.
2. Brass inlayed body top/back & cap. Mother of pearl tiger cap, true brass binding on fingerboard.
3. Set in quilted maple/cocobolo oval with simulated vine and m.o.p. Tiger cap with brass inlay.


  1. 2 outer maple, 2 ebony speeders, center blood wood.
  2. Blood wood joint between neck and body.
  3. Back of headstock  4-ply 1/32” veneer alternating maple, bloodwood and flamed maple back.
  4. Top of headstock ebony black with brass inner binding outer black binding, eagle/mop moon, black or brass truss key cover
  5. Fretboard 25 scale, jumbo frets, brass binding, } shape at end, brass nut.
  6. two-way truss rod for in/out bow adjustment.
  7. Exact Tiger headstock inlays (brass ring and Eagle, shell moon) a la Irwin and commemoration name above 24th fret.


  1. Hand-made brass tail (sealed) piece, gold Kluson Harmonica bridge, hand-made brass pickup ring (sealed), hand-made dual jack plate and 5-way selector plate, Kluson or other.


  1. Two DiMarzio Super IIs, one SDH-1 single coil  pickup (all crème or black/crème) if requested.
  2. 2x on/on 6 pin mini-switches, 1x neck/bridge combin. 1x 5-way selector switch, 2x tone/1x volume.
  3. 2x stereo jacks (OBEL), 3 gold metal knobs.

 Finish: (on all Tributes)

  1. Lacquer--gloss

Case: Outfitted hard-shell and domestic via USPS.
Production-time 7-9  months.
Price: 4.k - 4.5k/midi (includes domestic shipping and case).
Option: Roland midi pickup.

Rosebud Tribute
(When available) similar to T3 without brass inlays or back inlays, with skeleton cap, strat wiring and humb/single switches for two pickups, ebony fingerboard, Irwin inlays, and black binding. OBEL on request. Production-time 6-9 months.

Price: 3k (includes domestic shipping and case).
Option: Roland midi pickup. $ 500.00.

Wolf Tribute


   1.   Through-neck flamed maple, 2x purple heart speeders, middle-maple, two-way trussrod.

  1. Headstock—top black ebony, black/wh/brass inner binding (wood), eagle inlay, back4-ply purpleheart/maple
    1/32” veneer stack, outer quilted maple.

Body: 4-5A top only

   1.   Back and front quilted maple, purple heart core, 4-ply purpleheart/maple veneer  

  1. Wolf inlay (quilted maple/brass ring).

 Hardware: Gold/Brass Kluson locking tuners, steel tailpiece/abalone window (handmade), brass nut, black truss rod-cover, Kluson Harmonica Bridge and brass  pickup ring (sealed, handmade).


  1. Two DiMarzio Super IIs, one SDH-1 single coil  pickup (white single, 2x black humbuckers).
  2. 2x coiltap mini-switches, 1x neck/bridge combin. switch, 5-way selector switch, 2x tone/1x volume.
  3. 2x stereo jacks (OBEL), 3 gold metal knobs.


  1.  Lacquer--gloss

Production-time 6-9 months.
Case: Fitted hard-shell and domestic via USPS.
Price: 3k (includes domestic shipping and case). 1/2 down, 1/2 upon completion.

Add $ 500.00 for Roland midi pickup.